Monday, 3 October 2016

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Sometimes my friend Gav is the worst enabler in the world.  And by that I mean that he is the BEST enabler in the world.  It was Gav that alerted me to this deck by illustrator Noa Ikeda.  And now I want it.  More than oxygen.  Or Biscuits.

I love the colours and the Japanese styling of this jewel-bright deck.  So I zapped off a missive to Noa with some questions and to obtain permission to share the images of her deck's Queens.  PLEASE visit her website to check out the Major Arcana images - they are glorious.

The Queen of Swords
Here we have the Queen of Swords, who is veiled - which I really love!  We have several elements that Swords are associated with Air - wings and clouds abound!

Here we have the Queen of Cups who is simply gorgeous, decked out in her elegant white gown surrounded by watery imagery - seated in a shell with the ocean at her feet.
 This is the Queen of Pentacles, who is seated in a woodland grove with a tree as a throne. She is surrounded by earthy symbols, flowers greenery and a white rabbit.
The Queen of Wands is the epitome of a fiery Queen.  She is the only one not to wear a dress.  As in the RWS she holds a sunflower as well as her Wand of power  and a great black panther (a tad bigger than the black cat of the RWS!) dozes by her side.  She is seated in a desert-like environment.

I sent off some questions to Neo about the forthcoming deck and her court cards but she was off to an event.  Never fear, I will get the answers soon and share them here!

You can keep up with the development of Noa's deck


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