Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Become who you choose to be.....

Mary El
Here's an exercise that you can do, using only your court cards - or your court cards and the rest of your deck (but hold your court cards separately).

We all want to improve some area of our lives - perhaps we want to improve something about ourselves such as break a habit, get a job, improve a relationship etc.
While it's not healthy to be unhappy with the EVERYTHING you actually are, a desire to improve in one or two areas is no bad thing.

So here's a little exercise :

1  Think of a single area of your life that you'd like to work on.

2  Flick through your Court Cards until you find an image that best reflects how you are right now with regard to that area you'd like to develop or improve upon.  It might just be a symbol in the card, an expression on a face, a gesture... a certain confidence a Court exudes?

3  Flick through the remaining Court Cards until you find an image that best reflects your future self; how you'd like to be, with regard to that area you're going to work on.

4  Now set them out with the Court representing where you are now on the left - a gap for two cards - and the Court that represents you in the future.

You have deliberately chosen these two cards and they represent you now and in the future.

5  Shuffle your remaining court cards while you think about both of the cards you have chosen.

6  Select randomly one Court whose energies will HELP you make the transition.

7 Select randomly one Court whose energies will HINDER you from making the transition

Set them between your first two cards - what do you see?  Can you see things that will help you move forwards?

BTW, if you want to use the rest of your deck for those last two cards, by all means do so.

Have a think about it and tell me, how did you get on?

Knight of Cups image from Mary-El Tarot :)


  1. interesting idea. like doing these kinds of exercises. shall have to try this sometime.

  2. Me too - they don't take a long time to do, the instructions aren't tricky - once done, you can do it whenever you like. Stopped by your blog - Bonkers Tarot is a fine idea :-D

    Ali x

  3. nice idea..thanks for sharing....

  4. I think I will try this exercise. I'll post a link to my results! :)

    1. Please do, Carla! Would love to see the results!

      Ali x

    2. Here's my reading using this technique:


  5. What a powerful exercise. I certainly do it. Need to improve some areas of my life. Great! Thanks, Alison!


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