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World Book Day | My Top Tarot Books

Mary K Greer, Tarot Thrones, Tarot For Your Self,
A favourite Tarot book
I could not let World Book Day go past without sharing some Tarot book recommendations to help you   on your journey to understanding the Tarot.

The books are listed in no particular order, but they are books that I return to again and again, amongst many bookcases of Tarot books.

Joan Bunning: Learning The Tarot

An excellent primer to get you started with confidence in your Tarot journey.  This book forms the basis of TABI's massively popular free Tarot training course.

Mary K Greer:  Tarot for Yourself - A Workbook for Personal Transformation

First published in 1984, this book continues to be amongst the best-sellers - because it encourages you to work with the Tarot as a tool for personal transformation.

Mary K Greer: Understanding The Tarot Court

THE go-to book for getting to grips with the Tarot Court.  If it's not in this book, it probably isn't worth learning :-)

Corrine Kenner:  Tarot and Astrology

If you plan to extend your Tarot knowledge to other disciplines, like Astrology - this is a comprehensive book to lead you through the Astrology maze.

Liz Hazel:  Tarot Decoded

A slender book crammed with useful information about numerology, elemental dignities, astrology, planetary associations - Excellent for Tarot students who want to add depth and complexity to their readings.

Naomi Ozaniec - The Watkins Tarot Handbook

For those wishing to take tentative steps into adding Kabbalistic layers to their Tarot work, I have found this book invaluable.

Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone: Tarot Tips

Another great book for beginners - 78 techniques to enhance your reading skills.  From handling quiet querents to handling the Death card.  All delivered in brief, easy to read sections.

Art Rosengarten Phd : Tarot and Psychology

Bringing the Tarot into the Counsellor's room and exploring how our 78 friends can be used as a therapeutic tool.

Lon Milo DuQuette: Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot 

If you only buy ONE book to learn more about this beautiful deck and its highly individual creators, this is it.

I have loads and loads of other books that I love.... like Tarot Reversals or 78 Degrees of Wisdom or Tarot Wisdom or Frank K Jensen's Story of the Waite Smith Tarot .......*sigh*  but I have limited it to THESE ones because I'd love it if YOU would share your favourite books and make some recommendations for me.

*** I want to amend this to include another book, 10b -  Paul Huson's excellent book 'Mystical Origins of The Tarot which I have been using a lot lately and recommend to the house!


  1. My list would include Gail Fairfield's "Everyday Tarot" (The re-issue of "Choice Centered Tarot")

    Thank you for posting this, I love reading and looking for new tarot books!

  2. I have Choice Centred Tarot and it IS a good book. To be honest, I enjoy all the Tarot books that I own :-D

  3. Ali -

    I would include "Tarot Celebrations", by Geraldine Amaral and Nancy Brady Cunningham.

  4. If I could add two of my favorites: Tarot Dynamics Unleashed by Anna Burroughs Cook & Tarot, Your Everyday Guide by Janina Renee, to the list.

  5. Lovely list, Ali! I have all but one of them ;) Personally, I'd also add Rachel Pollack's Tarot Wisdom, which has spreads galore as well as lots of historical information on a number of different decks and the development of tarot over time :)

    1. I have several of the books on your list, Ali. I would add a handy reference book, Pictures from the Heart by Sandra A Thompson, and Mystical Origins of the Tarot by Paul Huson.

  6. Tarot for Yourself was my first, non totally intro tarot book :]

    great list.

  7. Recently bought Tarot Tips second-hand from Amazon and found it was a signed copy - nice surprise! Lots of great advice in there. Today I received Tarot and the Tree of Life (Finding Everyday Wisdom in the Minor Arcana) by Isabel Radow Kliegman. I'm already loving this as she relates everyday issues to the cards. This suits me more than, say, 78 Degrees of Wisdom (I am the only person to think this is dull and hard work!).

    1. Second recommendation for Isabel Radow Kliegman. I love this book.

    2. I have got this book and haven't read it for ages - I must revisit it!

  8. Great list! I also interest in tarot books. We can get tarot training through the books. I appreciate you for the article and keep posting.

  9. The two books I recommend for beginners are Tarot for YourSelf, as you have mentioned, and Teresa Michelsen's The Complete Tarot Reader, which is now, tragically, out-of-print. Thank you for the list.

    1. I've got the Complete Tarot Reader, I didnt' realise that it was now out of print!!


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