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Litha Blog Hop | Spread | Embracing Your Gifts

TADAAAAAH! Welcome to This Game of Thrones Litha Blog Hop for Midsummer 2013!!  You may have happened along here from the last blogger in the train, the lovely Joanna Ash or be working your way back through the list (because you're a REBEL!) and have alighted here from Cher's site.  Heck, you might even be here because you are already familiar with the rose-strewn path that leads to Throne Towers :-)

If you've not been across the draw-bridge before, you are very welcome.  Here at Tarot Thrones I focus on those pesky critturs the Court Cards and hope to persuade you that they are excellent allies in all your Tarot work and that they are nothing to get into a hyperventilating fug about :)

Please, take a seat!  *beckons towards an empty Throne*.  Just let me fluff up the cushions........ A poorly fluffed cushion can lead to discomfort on even the loveliest throne. Just ask The Queen of Pentacles. She's always crocheting us comfy stuff to sit on*

There, now that you're comfortable, let me explain this Litha Blog Hop theme.  Our challenge seemed quite straightforward - shed some light on something that we are good at.

I sat and stared at the blank screen for quite a long time with this one.  I struggled to accept that I was good at anything!  Well, certainly good enough at anything that I wanted to toot my own trumpet about in public :-)

That got me thinking - why is it difficult for some people to accept - and promote - that they're good at things?

It can take a lot of courage to say aloud (or in pixels!) that you want to achieve something, that you have a goal, a skill, and that you want to take that skill to the next level.  And I think that's because to admit that you are GOOD at something is to invite criticism that you're simply NOT good at it!

Thinking of publishing a book, a deck...launching a teaching package.... creating tap dancing tutorials on youtube!?  You can bet your bottom dollar that there is someone out there sniggering into their coffee at the very IDEA of YOU doing this - just who do you think you are?!  They will be gleefully messaging their friends and together they will privately mock and deride you for your efforts.  Have you heard of Tall Poppy Syndrome?  Yeah? That's it at its worst!   

I think that we are all guilty of Tall Poppy Syndrome, in some way or another.  It might be nothing more than a slight green-tinged pang when a friend makes an announcement - quickly scorched and replaced by genuine delight at her success......or it can be something much more insidious - a resentment that grows and festers, sending out deep, irrational roots and poisoning you from within.

And do you know who is the worst person for it? That's right - YOU!  How often do you come up with something that you'd love to do, but you immediately talk yourself out of it because inside your head is a little voice that says 'How DARE you think that YOU might succeed at this! People will totally laugh in your face!' yada, yada, yada..... 

Now, one of the things that *I'm* good at is helping other people make the most of their ideas and opportunities. I get REALLY enthusiastic about people's ideas and can see so many ways to help them along the road that they want to be on.... Honestly, I get as excited as Kim Kardashian with new shoes!

I say: Don't let that irrational stuff poison your dreams from within!

I LOVE it when people feel that they can trust me enough to say 'this is my Big Idea' and I can help them work out those first little steps to working towards it! I get such a kick out of it, I can't tell you!  I get to over-ride the little How Dare You voice inside that person's head AND be part of their journey (squeak! did I really just use the word 'journey lol!?'

So, today, I decided to come up with a spread that might help you embrace your qualities and admit that you are good at stuff and that you have not only a RIGHT to pursue it, but a duty to the WORLD to pursue it!


I'm taking my inspiration from the Queen of Wands (this is a Court Card blog, after all!).  The Queen of Wands is the epitome of enthusiasm and the fire in your belly that you need to engender to make your dream a reality. She's also got nurturing Queenly energy to help things progress.

In the RWS, the other queens focus on their suit symbol, not the Queen of Wands, she looks out at you – daring you to look back at her and get engaged!  Are you ready to engage?!  Don't expect a lot of emotional sympathy from this Queen when you are pummelling yourself with self-doubt and listening to the Witch of the Tall Poppies that lives inside your head.  Her message is:  Get. On. With. It.

Card 1:            I am a Queen:  In what way do I manifest mastery?

I hold my Wand, like a walking support:

Card 2:          What supports me in developing this mastery?

I offer you my sunflower totem:

Card 3:          How will this gift of mine shine light in the world?

Here is my little companion animal:

Card 4:          This is untapped energy, make use of it - it's here to help.

I'd love to hear how this spread turns out for you in the comments!  And now on to the next blog in the hop!! Hope you come back to visit me and the Courts soon!!  We always have biscuits and fancy tea........

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  1. I loved this, brilliant post :)

  2. Very enjoyable post, but then writing is one of your talents :)
    I know exactly what you mean, though. I often find it so much easier to get excited about other's people's ideas, talents and projects than about my own. I think it's because you don't require self-confidence for other people's stuff, just enthusiasm, but this is usually not enough to carry through your own projects.

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing! Although you did hit a little close to home... :-)

  4. Fantastic post, Alison! Very inspiring!

  5. What a fun post! You know, I have never heard of tall poppy syndrome till now. I am unfortunately a tall and oddly-shaped poppy....*wail* ...but I promise to use your Sunflower totem to kill my lack of self confidence soon...ok

  6. Great post!!! Plus, first time to know the "Tall Poppy Syndrome" lol

  7. Great post Ali and yes, writing and spread-creating are clearly two of your talents :)

  8. I love this! Great spread (and the first one I've seen as I hop my way through.) Definitely going to be doing this one.

  9. As "Queen of Wands Tarot" I heartily approve of this message! :)

  10. First stop on my blog hopping. Loved the post. Wonderful spread. Couldn't resist pulling my cards - Knight of Cups, Page of Cups, 15 The Devil, 5 of Wands (reversed).

  11. Great spread, as always. Definite keeper. And yes, you are a great and witty writer, Alison. I got the following, a great sequence for this spread:

    Empress - 9 Cups - Page Swords - 6 Wands. Draw from the Earth, feel the satisfaction, nurture the idea, unveil success.


  12. Ace of Cups, 9 of Swords, King of Swords, 3 of Cups. Head and heart! Gift of loving, supported by remembering my fears are in my mind, shining through communication, untapped joy...

    1. ... in fact, it's inspired a post of my own - thanks, Ali!

  13. Exactly Alison! Most of us find it hard to say we're good at something out loud but it saddens me that many of us (including myself) struggle to acknowledge our gifts when we're alone.

    Fabulous spread... I'll be giving this a whirl later in the week :)

  14. Biscuits, fancy tea, AND a throne to sit on while trying out a fabulous-looking spread, really, who could ask for more? Seems to me you also have a gift for hospitality ;)

  15. You're right, Ali, you're great at helping other people with their ideas! I hope you will manifest some of your own, too, as they sound fascinating :) This post is a good time to thank you for your help in making my Celtic Lenormand dream come true. And a lovely spread, too!


Never mind what I think, what do YOU think? :-)

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