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Since I started this blog, I have been ferreting out different ways to help you choose a significator for your client (or yourself!) in your Tarot work.

Here’s another method:  Philip and Stephanie Carr Gomm have devised two sets of questions that help you (or your querent) work out which suit and which rank best suits your personality.
I reproduce them here with kind permission from the Carr-Gomms:
Finding the SUIT that best applies to you:
A – I’m an intuitive, enthusiastic person, who loves starting projects and tends to have ten new ideas before breakfast. I’m not so good at finishing things, though, and I can lack focus because I’m interested in so many things.
B – I’m a sensitive, emotional person. I feel very deeply, and can cry easily. My heart goes out to people and animals who are suffering, and I feel drawn to the arts and the healing professions.
C – I spend a lot of my time thinking and analysing. Some might call me an intellectual, and I can be accused of having my head in the clouds. I sometimes feel detached from everyday events and can find it hard to express my feelings.
D – I’m a practical person – I just like to get to work and do things, rather than endlessly theorising about them or talking about them. I’m good with my hands and like making people feel at home.
If you choose A – you’re a WAND, B – you’re a CUP,  C – you’re a SWORD and D – you’re a PENTACLE
Congratulations! You’re halfway there!
Now you have to find the RANK that best applies to you:
A. I feel young and innocent most of the time. Sometimes this makes me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when I’m in the company of other adults who seem so ‘grown-up’. I feel as if I have so much potential that I’m only beginning to explore.
B. I like to get on with things. I want to be of use to the world, but I sometimes jump into things too impulsively. It makes me feel clumsy sometimes, but I prefer action to too much thinking.
C. I feel quite mature and aware of myself and what I’m doing in the world. I value creativity and compassion and like to nurture these qualities in myself and those around me.
D. I feel in charge of myself and my life, and am considered an authority figure by some people. I have accomplished a good deal and try to be socially responsible.
If you choose A – you’re a PAGE/PRINCESS, B – you’re a KNIGHT, C- you’re a QUEEN and D – you’re a KING.
Isn’t that just THE most elegant, straightforward way to sort out the Court Card that best represents you?
To find out more:
a) The Questionnaire is on pp456-458 in The Book of English Magic
b) Thumbnail personality sketches on pp 458 – 465 of the same book.
c)  Delve into the large book that accompanies The DruidCraft Tarot.
My own insight into this method is that if you answer the questions WITH YOUR TAROT QUERY IN MIND, you could end up with different Courts representing you for different scenarios.   However, if you answer the questions keeping in mind how you see yourself generally, you will come up with a Court Card significator to represent you in ALL instances.
What do you think of this method of selecting a Significator? 

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