Friday, 12 December 2014

One singer but which court?

Just before we get started, there is a parental advisory lyrics thing on this one.  But Paolo Nutini is Scottish, so you might not necessarily pick it up. I'm Scottish and I don't know where they are either.....

So here we have National Treasure Joanna Lumley playing a fading star, who has needs that only her side-kick can fill.  The whole thing is vaguely Let The Right One In.

Which Court Card could represent the Cabaret Singer and which Court card does her bidding? 

There's no right answer, so don't be afraid to chip in!


... did I tell you that I MET the divine Paulo Nutini? One of the UK's most eligible bachelors apparently!

Yeah, that's NEVER going to get old for me, NEVER :-D


  1. Hmm, moping old haddock with a bit fat jealous streak a mile wide? Has to be Queen of Cups. (I loves Joanna Lumley btw but that character is bleuch!) As for the shadowy figure, not sure about a court, but 7 of Swords might be a goer for him.

  2. Jealousy is a really interesting Tarot conundrum for me. It's emotional and based on relationship - so I initially would go for Cups. But it's also about the nonsense that goes on in your head too - so it could be Swords. Grieving over lost youth - that might be kinda swordsy too? Good calls though - 7 of Swords deffo a goer for that shadowy chap!

  3. Love the pic you shared! Nice looking gentleman! The Court that represents the singer could well be a poorly aspected Queen of Swords. The Court card that does her bidding could well be an even more poorly aspected Knight of Swords.

    1. He is absolutely gorgeous in the flesh. Oh how I enjoy saying that - IN THE FLESH! Yep poorly aspected QoS does it for me!

  4. I think the singer may be the Queen of Pentacles in her shadow extreme - her obsession with the physical manifestation of youth, appearance, glamor and her over-identification with her role as seductress/chanteuse. She is imbalanced, dominating, consuming. I don't see her as relational but as materialistic & greedy. The image is something like this queen in the Steampunk Tarot by Moore/Fell. If she is this queen then I think her partner is possibly the shadow aspect of the King of Swords - he has developed/perfected a dark knowledge and acts with a complete disregard for the human aspect becoming cooly destructive to human life and values. Thanks for presenting this fascinating exercise - I quite enjoyed it! Nancy H.


Never mind what I think, what do YOU think? :-)

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