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The King of Wands | Rider Waite Smith | Tarot Thrones
Last week I shared A E Waite’s thoughts on the King of Wands being the card that bridges the Major Arcana to the Minor Arcana.  I could almost hear Waite’s derisive snort as he lowered himself to talk about the Minors.  Well, his loss is our gain!
I thought today we could take a look and see just how powerful the King of Wands can be as a bridge card and came up with a little spread purely for his use.
First, procure your  deck’s King of Wands card.

Split your deck into two bundles – one for the Major Arcana and the other for the Minor
Arcana and shuffle each bundle well.
Ask your King of Wands card to guide you to the most significant Major that you need in
order to make progress (in your issue, towards your goal, whatever it is that you are looking for help with).
Place your King in the Major Arcana bundle and shuffle, all the while keeping your question
for him at the forefront of your mind. When you are content to stop shuffling, take your Major Arcana bundle, face down, and lay down each card in turn, as if you were playing snap or something. When you turn the King of Wands, you are paying attention to the NEXT card
that you turn over – this is the Major that will help you.
Do the same with the Minor bundle and your King of Wands card. Again, you are looking for
the card that follows the King of Wands as you turn over each card in the bundle.
You will now have two cards – a Major and a Minor. These have been linked by the King of
How can reading these two cards together help you with your issue? How can the Major assist the Minor? How can the Minor assist the Major? See what percolates to the surface as you work with your two cards.
Here’s a worked example:

Druidcraft Tarot cards | Tarot Court Card Blog | Tarot Thrones

The question concerns a stale relationship and the need for break-through.
I am struck by how sad The Empress looks, despite being surrounded by luxury and
fecundity. The harvest necessitates the cutting of the wheat. The arrival of the baby heralds the end of her pregnancy. She is brooding the losses that come with creation, in this deck’s card at any rate.
The 9 of Pentacles woman wears the same pensive expression and she too looks materially
comfortable. Her hawk is held tightly on the glove. In order for it to fly free, she has to let it go.
The two cards that the King of Wands has chosen to act as a bridge tell me that in order to
effect a break through, the sitter has to work on two things to make
that happen.
  • Firstly – If comfort is paramount, then the sitter must be prepared to accept the losses and restrictions.  The break-through here being that sometimes you just have to let things go
  • Secondly,If the sitter wishes the bird to fly freely, then some discomfort and uncertainty
    must be endured in order to create something new and better.

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