The King of Wands | The Tarot’s Bridge Card

The King of Wands | Rider Waite Smith | Tarot Thrones
Last week I shared A E Waite’s thoughts on the King of Wands being the card that bridges the Major Arcana to the Minor Arcana.  I could almost hear Waite’s derisive snort as he lowered himself to talk about the Minors.  Well, his loss is our gain!
I thought today we could take a look and see just how powerful the King of Wands can be as a bridge card and came up with a little spread purely for his use.
First, procure your  deck’s King of Wands card.


The Essential Tarot King

And so we arrive at The Kings.  After reading about the lives of the other ranks in the Tarot court, you might think that The Kings of the Tarot Court are free to do what they want, erm, any old time:

You might want to don a pair of sun glasses before you watch this video, because: acid house.


Meet The Wands

I always find it helpful to familiarise myself with the kingdom of a particular suit – looking at the countryside, the inhabitants of the cards, getting a handful of keywords together that best represent the suit….and then taking a look at the ruling family to see how these virtues and vices manifest in the various characters.

Today’s deck is the DruidCraft Tarot and when I look at the Wands in this deck, I see high summer.  I see hilly landscapes, some of them verdant and some of them quite parched looking. I see victory, conflict, fires, distance, expansiveness, burden, defence, passion.