The Essential Tarot Queen

So the Knights are clanking around in their armour, fighting for whomever they agree with THIS week….the Pages are running upstairs and downstairs, all excited at the newness of the world in which they find themselves.  What about the Tarot Queens – where do they find themselves historically in this box of jewels that we call the Tarot Court?

Back in the day, women were handy to have around in much the same way as it’s good to have all your chessmen on the board: Daughters were useful for marrying off into strategic alliances, wives were good for bringing legitimate offspring to the game.

Valued as equals? Not really.

If you read through the lists of Queens from late Medieval to mid Renaissance Europe, there were very few who ruled alone, by design.  Oh sure, there were some exceptions (Elizabeth I).


Meet The Wands

I always find it helpful to familiarise myself with the kingdom of a particular suit – looking at the countryside, the inhabitants of the cards, getting a handful of keywords together that best represent the suit….and then taking a look at the ruling family to see how these virtues and vices manifest in the various characters.

Today’s deck is the DruidCraft Tarot and when I look at the Wands in this deck, I see high summer.  I see hilly landscapes, some of them verdant and some of them quite parched looking. I see victory, conflict, fires, distance, expansiveness, burden, defence, passion.