Making your 2020 Court Card work for You Part 2

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I find that one of the trickiest things in working with a card of the day, month, year etc is that I often forget all about it. Maybe it’s my age. I went into the fridge to look for tea bags the other day…

The best way to remember things that I’ve found are visual reminders that prompt me every time I see them.

First of all, study your court card and find something in it that you can recognise as a symbol of it: For example, crescent moon, rearing horse, black cat.

Nothing in your card that springs out?

Have a think about the keywords that you chose the other day, to help you manifest that card’s energies in everything that you do… what springs to mind as a symbol for that?

Still nothing coming to mind?

No problem! Pick a symbol that you really enjoy and perform a ritual to create an association between the symbol and your court card. Although that symbol might not be present, a strong ritual will forge that link between the card and the

Here are 3 ways to employ prompts to help with your 2020 court card:

Tarot Court Cards on Your Gadgets: We all seem to be welded to our phones these days – use the image of your Court Card as your phone or tablet lock screen, or your screensaver or background on your laptop or desktop.

Court Cards on Your Keys: Whether you live in rented or owned accommodation, you’ve got house keys. You might even have car keys. How about splashing out on a personaliseable (My God, is that even a word?!) key ring? You can get this kind of thing from Amazon for £3.50

Snap in a print-out of your court card and you’re off! Even better, check out the Tarot’s creator site and see what they have created to go along with their deck – you might find they have key rings etc already made!

Tarot Court Cards on Your handbag: For most of my life, I existed without owning a handbag. I used plastic bags from supermarkets or simply stuffed everything I needed into my pockets. A few months into my first job, my appalled colleague pulled me aside and gifted me one of her hand bags. And thus started my downfall dependence on a handbag.

If you use one every day, why not look for some kind of charm that you associate with the card or your chosen symbol that you can clip to a zip on your hand bag.

Other ideas:

Jewellery – google is your friend and your worst nightmare for this one!
Bookmark – you read, right? Think … pendants? bracelet charms?
Mug – you’ve got to drink your coffee, right?
Bag – makeup bag, pencil case etc
Framed Print (sounds grand – but could be £2.00 IKEA print and image from magazine!)

None of them appeal? Go to Google and type in some of those keywords that you created the other day to associate with your card’s energies. Then hit ‘images’ and see what wildness pops up. You might find something outrageous and magical that will be a delight to use every day! Also – might net some results that are NSFW!

… and get ready for next year – see who your card is for 2021 and keep your eyes open in 2020 for marvellous visual triggers!

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The Tarot's Court Cards are my specialist area.  They talk to me. Not LITERALLY though ....


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