Making your 2020 Tarot Court Card work for YOU!

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If you have worked out your Court Card companion for the year, now’s the time to begin to employ their services usefully!

For those of you who used a deck that had a keyword on each card, this will be simplicity itself – find the keyword on your 2020 Court Card and make it your watchword for the coming 12 months.

For the rest of us, it’s going to take a little work – 10 minutes or so, sequestered away from the rest of the world with just you, your court card and a pen and paper.

Prop up the card so that you can see it comfortably, without straining your neck up or down. And just sit. Quietly. Leave your stresses and strains and duties and noise outside of your little space.

Just sit.

Let your breathing steady and lengthen naturally.

Just sit.

Look at the card.

Look at the character in the court card – is it a person or an animal? Both?!

What is the energy of the card – active? pensive?

Look at the position of the character, the expression.

How does this character make you feel?

What colours are used in the card – which is your favourite?

What else is in the card?

As you tune more deeply into the card’s energies, ask the main character what it is they want to empower you with for the coming year?

Here’s mine, using the Knight of Swords from The RWS Tarot.

Learning into action
Mental agility (oh my God, do I need this lol!)
Other points of view

Taking these words are the essence of this card (and your card image might be quite different, for the same court card!) my talisman words for 2020 will be … LEARNING TO FLY.

Hey – I’ve even got a ready-made theme tune! Stand by for spot of darling Dave and The Foo Fighters!

What does your Court Card say to you?

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