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As the year draws to a close and sinks towards the horizon, we turn our hopeful faces towards the rising year of 2021. It’s a time for new beginnings and plans and, for the first time in almost a year, our hopes for the future!

The Knight of Pentacles sits on his horse, facing to the right.  He holds a gold pentacle in his right hand, he wears a red glove and full armour.
Knight of Pentacles,
The Court Card Guardian for 2021.

Now is the perfect time to select a word for the coming year that will act as your talisman for 2021 and inspire you to give your best during the next 12 months.

I decided to expand upon this idea and draw a key word for 2021 from each of the three court cards that we have calculated for the next 12 months and find some words to live by. All suggested by the Year Card, our Personal Year Card and our Lifelong Guardian Court Card.

Ready to give it a shot?

Firstly, if you haven’t calculated your Personal Court Card for 2021 or uncovered your Lifelong Court Card guardian, click on the links above to work them out. It won’t take you very long and it’s fun! Hop back here when you’ve calculated your cards.

For all of us, our 2021 Year Card will be a Knight of Pentacles.

For this first step, I’m looking at the Knight of Pentacles in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot, but you should look at the Knight of Pentacles card in your chosen Tarot deck. Compile a list of qualities that you associate with this card – they needn’t all be 100% positive – but they should all give you a broad brush-stroke idea of what the card’s energies are about.

Finding it tricky? You may want to set some time aside and spend some quiet time with each of your cards – try meditating on each image and speaking/listening with every feature in the card – clouds, horses, fish … EVERYTHING!

Here are some of my thoughts about the Knight of Pentacles:

Home-orientated adventurer
Safe bet
Harnessed power

Based on this list of attributes, I have decided that my word for 2021, from this card, will be ‘Determined’. You will have a different list, so pick one word (or phrase) that rings true for you and that you would like to demonstrate in 2021.

For me, 2021 will very much be a year for sticking with things, no matter how things play out. And, to be honest, that’s not something I’m very good at. I tend to be side-tracked by glittery baubles and newness and exciting things and can crash out at the first sign of criticism (see my lifelong companion card, at the end lol!)

The Knight of Wands |
My Court Card Guardian for 2021

The next thing I’d like you to do, is take a look at your personal court card companion for 2021 (in my case, that’s the Knight of Wands) and do the same thing – create a list of keywords that you would apply for your court card:

The Knight of Wands is, for me:

A passionate adventurer
Recklessly bold
Beyond others’ control
A storm of creativity

I think that ‘courageous’ will fit my requirements for the Knight of Wands for 2021.

So far I have ‘courageous’ and ‘determined’ and now time for the last word, this time yielded by our lifelong court card companion. In this case, the Page of Wands for me.

Page of Wands | Rider Waite Smith deck

I freely admit that my entrancement by the novel and the new is something that I’ve carried with me all my life – and it’s not always been a positive energy, according to my other half. But from here on in, it absolutely will be!

Keywords for the Page of Wands could be:

Creative beginner
New passion
Low attention span!
Movement begins

I like the idea of the Page of Wands being a self-sparking little creative powerhouse (even if I have a low attention span as a result!), so my phrase for the Page of Wands will be ‘self sparking’

By taking these three words together – ‘determined’ as offered by the Knight of Pentacles, ‘courageous’ as offered by the Knight of Wands and ‘self-sparking’ from the little Page of Wands …. my words to live by for 2021 will be the instruction: ‘Self-Spark your Determination with Courage’

What three words will you choose to live by from your three cards and what phrase will you fashion them into?

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