Monday, 31 March 2014

As Easy as 1-2-3?

I was recently contacted by a lovely person on Facebook, Arthur, who asked about Court cards and links to other cards that shared the same numbers....

Traditionally, of course, Court cards are not numbered, but if they WERE numbered they could follow straight on from the Ten, resulting in:

11 Page
12 Knight
13 Queen
14 King

If there IS a correlation between the Courts and their Major Arcana numbers, this would mean that:

Monday, 24 March 2014

Significators | Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm | The Book of English Magic

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Since I started this blog, I have been ferreting out different ways to help you choose a significator for your client (or yourself!) in your Tarot work.

Here's another method:  Philip and Stephanie Carr Gomm have devised two sets of questions that help you (or your querent) work out which suit and which rank best suits your personality.

I reproduce them here with kind permission from the Carr-Gomms:

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm | Interview

Whose favourite Druidcraft Tarot card
is this, The Princess of Swords?

Hot on the heels of the Carr-Gomms' highly successful Druidcraft video-conference sessions  hosted by Linda Marson at GlobaI Spiritual Studies, I was very honoured when they both took time out of their busy schedules to answer some questions for Tarot Thrones about the Druidcraft's wonderful Courts.

Me (A):  First of all - thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for my blog!  You are a Tarot duo that I have admired ever since I laid eyes on the DruidCraft :)

Philip and Stephanie (P&S) "Thank you! And now we can start a mutual admiration society because we’ve discovered your blog and love the way you’ve given it the focus of the Court cards, which - as you know - is of great interest to us and starts off our book and the training we’ve developed that we’re calling Integrative Tarot."  

(Ali: more on this powerful Integrative method in a future post!)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Queen of Cups rises to the occasion!

So, I am hideously casual with my jewellery.  I have lost count of the number of times I have been sound asleep in bed only to bolt awake and upright thinking: "WHERE IS MY PENDANT?! I HAVEN'T SEEN IT IN YEARS!" and yes, it all happens in those horrible shouty capital letters.

Well, dear reader, I had one of those moments with my Big Gold Earrings.  One of the perks of living with someone who travels the world is that they tend to bring you back amazing presents from odd places - I've had kimonos from Japan, cowboy boots from Texas, gold from The Gulf and Chlamydia from Brazil.....

Yeah, I'm half joking.

Amongst some of the spoils of war  trade were a pair of gold earrings.  They are very large, so they are called My Big Gold Earrings.

I remembered putting them out on the bed as I debated with myself what I should wear to the ballet in Glasgow.  But since I was travelling to the theatre by train, I opted for something less conspicuous.

And that was the last that I saw them.

Cut to two weeks ago and I had the 'OH MY GOD WHERE ARE MY BIG GOLD EARRINGS?!' moment at about 5am.  So strong was the feeling that they were Lost and Gone Forever, that I got out of bed and went hunting for them.

Again, this is the sort of thing you can do when your other half is somewhere else in the world for long periods of time.

Nero the dog lifted his head from his basket, sighed and humphed himself into a comfortable position.  I on the other hand had every drawer opened and cupboard turned inside out.  No sign of the earrings.

This went on for DAYS.

My mother simply rolled her eyes when I telephoned to ask her whether I had maybe left them at her house.  Like I say, I am a bit casual with my jewellery and the last thing that I'd left there was an engagement ring.  Which SHE had given me.  Which I didn't notice I wasn't wearing until mother telephoned me to ask where it was.  When she had it all the time back on her finger.  My mother is sneaky and emotionally manipulative.  And mostly right.

I was so fed up racking my brains as to where the earrings might be that I drew a Tarot card.  'Where on EARTH can I find my earrings.  Just give me a visual clue, ok?'

And the card that I drew was this:

Since I tend to see my mother as The Queen of Cups, I idly wondered whether she really DID have the earrings and was Teaching Me A Lesson.

Some other thoughts:

They are near a chair
Near some kind of snake
In a cup
Near a bright light
In my outdoors jacket with the hood

A few more days passed and I had to go out in the car.  'Oh look - cup holders,' thought I. 'That's sort of like the Queen of Cups and her cup,  I wonder if the earrings are there.'

And they were.

Have you used a Tarot card - more specifically a Court Card - to help you find a lost item?

Monday, 10 March 2014

The Essential King

And so we arrive at The Kings.  After reading about the lives of the other ranks in the Tarot court, you might think that The Kings of the Tarot Court are free to do what they want, erm, any old time:

You might want to don a pair of sun glasses before you watch this video, because: acid house.

And Kings ARE without a doubt the rank that has the most freedom.  Everyone else on that Courtly ladder is dependent upon the King for their lives.

In this respect, the King represents INDEPENDENCE.  He has no need of a Queen in order to rule.
Where the Queen must be circumspect, the King is direct - he WALKS THE TALK.

Kings have innate AUTHORITY and hold the lives of citizens in their hands - signing death warrants, clip-clopping the knights and poor old peasants off to war,  levying taxes that would make your knees buckle....oh yes, they have a lot more power than the others in the court.

Kings are LEADERS in the matters of their suit and their Court.   In readings Kings can represent Father figures, seniority figures or those whom the sitter holds in highest regard.

Here's a little clip from the Lion in Winter.

In the Tarot court, we must not make the mistake of thinking that we should all aspire to become The King.  Although he was historically at the top of his tree, in real life, it's not always the best position for you to be in.

For example, someone who has control issues could be represented as a King, but that person might be happier if they could be to be more open to new experiences and uncertainty - a Page.

What does a King mean to you?

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Little White Newsletter Recommendations - Kyle Gray : March 2014

I send out a monthly newsletter from Tarot Thrones called The Little White Newsletter.  

Every month someone in the Tarot biz makes a recommendation on a deck and/or book that they want to share with their Tarot peers.  This month, author of the forthcoming book Angel Prayers and BIG Tarot fan (and hugely bendy Yoga chappie!), Kyle Gray sent me so much lovely copy, that I couldn't bear to cut it down to a couple of sentences! 

For those of you who are regular Inmates Readers at Tarot Thrones and who haven't signed up yet for my newsletter, you can do so here:

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