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My 2020 Court Card is the Knight of Swords; a very ‘airy’ character who is very nimble intellectually. This Knight is quick to grasp new ideas and concepts but doesn’t have a lot of ‘stick-with-it-ness’ and latches on to the next idea that takes his fancy.

Knights (especially Swords and Wands) have a very low boredom threshold and when things start to feel a little stale, the Knight of Swords won’t hang about. He’ll gallop off to a more mentally stimulating environment, changing his mind … because that is his prerogative. Generally the Knight of Swords can be quite infuriating to be around, if I’m honest.

In a previous blog post, I took a look at the qualities of the Knight of Swords and settled on a phrase to help me invoke his spirit throughout the year.

But how might he appear in my life month to month?

Try this: find your favourite Oracle deck – I’m using the brand new Spirit Card Oracle that comes with the Relative Tarot, by Carrie Paris.

I drew 12 cards at random from her deck, one for each month of 2020. Each oracle card is read as an amplifier for the Court Card.

When you work with the Court Card and the Oracle Card, you need to spend some time thinking or feeling how that courtly personality would handle the energy of the Oracle card.

You can see THIS post for another example. And HERE too.

Here’s the January example for the Knight of Swords:

Knight of Swords and Coward

Cowardice is defined as: An excessive fear that prevents an individual from taking a risk or facing danger.

Well, other than this being a somewhat startling card to pull right at the beginning of the year, it’s an interesting combination – I don’t believe that the Knight of Swords has an atom of the Coward in his bones. I’ll be honest with you, I swithered about slipping Coward back into the deck. How cowardly would that have been?! *wink*

So, let’s work with this …

My gut feeling is that the Knight of Swords, so often depicted as active and chivalrous, would balk at the thought of being a coward. Swords, as a suit, are concerned with truth as much as logic and cowardice feels like a running away from am unpalatable truth.

So how is the Coward active for The Knight of Swords in January?

Perhaps this month, I need to be careful of my reactions to what *I* perceive as cowardice in others? Time to be less critical and more understanding: one gal’s ‘cowardice’ is another gal’s ‘live to fight another day’

How would the Knight of Swords accept Cowardice?

The only way that I can imagine the Knight of Swords accepting Cowardice or embracing it is if he has gone through the logic of a situation and finds that discretion is the better part of valour.

Sometimes it’s NOT a good idea to tell someone that their bum looks big in those jeans. Even if it does.

Find your 2020 Court Card companion HERE.

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