Monday, 31 December 2018

Tarot Court Card | 2019 Theme

Just a bit of Tarot Court Card fun to start us thinking about what we want for ourselves in 2019. I've done this for the past three years or so and it's just a bit of fun, not rooted in any deep and meaningful ancient system. Just my own :)

So, you might be working out your Major Arcana card for 2019 to give you a THEME for the coming year, as inspired by your personal year data.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Queen of Swords | House Moving Tale of Woe

So, Thursday rolled around - the date that we'd all been dreading - the day that my mother was moving to an apartment in an 'independent living' complex.

Why the dread? The flat is lovely and I expect her to be much happier living there with lots of people around her and lots of emergency cords in case she has a fall. BUT she has lived in a 3-bed semi for 56 years and it is pretty full of 56 years of tat.

By Saturday evening she was a weeping rag of a woman, sitting in her little armchair unable to process any more requests from my SIL or myself about what was to stay and what was to go.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Tarot in Art | King of Coins | Salvador Dali

My quest to find more Salvador Dali Tarot court card images continues!

Not seen this one up for sale before; the King of Coins image by Salvador Dali ... of Salvador Dali as the King of Coins.

It's interesting having the smudges of finger print around the image because there are many pieces of Dali art out there where people believe that other folks painted them and he just added his name ... and raked in the coinage.

This particular image is currently up for auction in a sale room in Alameda, California.  The expected price is between $400 - $600 - so not entirely out of one's league if one fancies a Salvador Dali litho.

Here are the full details, if you fancy putting in a bid!

Monday, 4 June 2018

Look Again | The Aquarian Tarot | US Games

My acquisitive quest for tarot decks is on an enforced go-slow at the moment and as a result, I am diving back in to some old decks that have fallen off my tarot rota.

Today I wanted to chat about the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini.

The deck was originally published in 1970 (Morgan Press) and the version that I have is a later version from US Games.

I loved the brand Biba in the 70s (still do!) and everything about this deck reminds me of that same stylised Art Deco feel with a 70s twist. It's a full 78-card RWS-style deck with Strength as VIII and Justice at XI.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Tarot In Art | Igor Makarevish | Majors Only

Golly, this is one for those with very deep pockets!  A set of 23 tarot cards (all the Majors plus a Significator, possibly?) that are up for sale at the moment here.

This collection of cards is called The Makarevich Tarot.  The lot also comprises of a cover sheet and are presented in a silk covered hard case, each mounted on paper; 14 signed, some with initials, and nine dated 1994 and one 1995.

Each card ink and watercolour, and cover sheet ΕΎ ink on paper, 22 cards measuring approximately 20 by 13 cm, one 21 by 17 cm, and cover sheet 12 by 15 cm (each image size).

The present owner acquired the cards directly from the artist in 1998.

Sit down for this one:  They are expected to fetch between £5,000 and £7,000! 

The cards are by Georgian-born Igor Makarevich (born 1943 - still with us!).  Makarevich is a photographer and conceptual artist who studied at Moscow Art School as well as the Moscow Institute of Cinematography 
and in 2012 was awarded for "the Creative Contribution to the Development of the Contemporary Art".

Lives and works in Moscow.

Auction date is 6 June. 

So, start saving up!

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