Friday, 15 July 2016

The Queen of Weeping

I've not been here for a while, not because anything drastic has happened (thank goodness!), but just because the gas has leaked out of my balloons. Not just my helium-filled, sparkly Tarot balloon, but all the other balloons as well.

Maybe it's because I became a veggie a few months ago.  Basically so that I could look lambs in the eye and whisper 'I don't eat you' when I take Nero on a long walk down to our nearby lochan.  I've noticed that life has kinda gone a bit flat and wrinkly round the edges - maybe it's lack of iron or something.

Blood tests will tell whether it's what I'm eating or something more long-lasting that's the cause ...

... because I am 53 in a couple of weeks.  Of course, I'm grateful that I'm still above the soil and able to feel the sun on my face and be healthy and all that jazz, but there is no doubt about it, Things Are Changing for me.

Chaps, look away now: menses talk ahead.

My Time of the Month has now become My Time of the Fortnight and my pre-menstrual moodiness seems to last for about three weeks.  And the seven day window when I'm not snapping away like an angry pike at my DH and DS I'm to be found draped theatrically over the sofa like Ellen Terry, weeping into my Snickers bars at dog food adverts and Beyonce videos.

A couple of years ago, I stopped dying my hair.  At the moment it is a sort of two-tone thing that looks as if someone has poured bleach all over my head and all the colour is draining away.  A metaphor there, I think. But I'm sticking with it because .... like it or not ..... I am ENTERING CRONEHOOD.

Evidence:  I keep signing up for afternoon art classes. Like I am suddenly going to discover that I can fall down the art rabbit hole and pop out the other end of a 6-week course and suddenly find myself a new, arty life ....  I *know* it's BEYOND PATHETIC.

On the upside, this means that one day soon, my older gal pals will initiate me into their Post Menopause Group, the DUFs Club.  The Dried Up Fannies Club.  I kid you not.  REAL NAME. My goal is to be ensconced within their ranks, safely out the other side of this hormonal maelstrom, drinking wine, eating Dairy Milk and never having to worry about the gusset of my knickers again.

Now, if I'm absolutely honest.  And I've just mentioned 'gusset' and 'knickers' in the same sentence, so we're Through The Looking Glass now, this horrible flat and foggy feeling has been swirling around my ankles for a very long time.   Longer than I've been veggie.  Longer than my hormones have been sliding about like a drunk on a skateboard.

And as the fog rises like a suffocating tide, I just seem to be getting angrier and angrier and angrier.

Maybe it's an anger borne of fear.

I know that I am on the brink of saying farewell to so many strands of my life and it scares me.

What will I be if I am not menstruating any more?
What am I now that my partner does not find me attractive?
Will we manage to make it through these choppy relationship waters?
What will I be when my son goes off to further education?
What am I without a job or career?

Drew a card to see what can help me, from the Wildwood Tarot and got this guy:

I am moving from primitive tool to sophisticated instrument.

Maybe also get viagra ;-D

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Full Moon Spread

So I thought I'd come up with a Full Moon spread for the fans of the Wildwood Tarot over there in facebookland. Am popping it here in case it might be something that you want to add to your own toolbox.

You can use any deck :)

Monday, 23 May 2016

The Sunday Times Rich List Tarot Cards | Sam Dunn

So, the Sunday Times Rich List campaign featured some cleverly updated Tarot cards, depicting some famous faces.

I got in touch with the artist behind the campaign, Sam Dunn,  and she agreed to answer some of my questions about the artwork :)

Me:   How did you get involved in the campaign?

Monday, 2 May 2016

The World In Play | Catalogue Review

The World In Play - catalogue cover
The exhibition, 'The World in Play - luxury cards 1430-1540', has now finished its run at The Met. Did you get along there to see the playing cards?  Me neither, but I have procured the next best thing ... the exhibition catalogue.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Astrology | The Sunday Times Rich List

Sunday Times Rich List
Richard Branson
King of Disks
OK - this isn't strictly speaking TAROT, but I'm making it into a tarot post by the end, so keep reading!

The Sunday Times Rich List (Britain and Ireland) actually looked at the birth signs of the top 1000 earners (where known).  It makes for interesting reading:

Gemini        116
Aquarius      93
Libra            82

Total Air signs   291

Pisces         91
Scorpio      71
Cancer       88

Total Water signs  250

Taurus      98
Virgo        89
Capricorn 90

Total Earth signs 277

Aries            96
Leo             106
Sagittarius 102

Total Fire signs 304

Best performing individual sign Gemini - the Air sign - The dare-devil with mental agility...... the Knight of Swords!

Worst performing individual sign Scorpio - Water sign - The diplomatic, empathetic........ King of Cups.

With a total of 1122 signs being considered (some of the top earners are in bands or partnerships, which causes there to be so many actual birth dates to consider)

Fire signs 27%
Earth signs 25%
Water signs 22%
Air signs 26%       (all figs rounded up/down to nearest whole no)

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the assertive 'Yang' signs of Wands and Swords are the biggest earners with 53% of the overall swag bag.   The 'Yin' suits of Earth and Water on 47%.

The relationship-focussed suit of Cups has the fewest high earners in the top 1000 .....

The suit traditionally associated with the making and keeping of wealth, Pentacles, performs next worst (or third best, depending on how you look at it!)

What do you think? Time for Pentacles to hang up their crowns as the money guys?  A load of old tosh?!