Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Crow Moon| March 2016 |

The March full moon has a lovely selection of names that speak of the quickening of the soil and the spirit of Spring:

Sap Moon
Worm Moon
Crow Moon
Lenten Moon

I have chosen the Crow Moon to celebrate the full moon of the 23rd because I am surrounded by the flappy black blighters.

Lots of people hate them - frightening off the songbirds from the bird tables as they craftily work out how to burgle your squirrel-proof feeder.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Tarot & Finance | Pentacles Financial Advisers | Spring Blog Hop

Welcome to the Tarot Thrones contribution to the Spring Tarot Blog! Our wrangler for this hop is Ania Marczyk.  As we the end of the Financial Year is bearing down upon us at a rate of knots, Ania wants us to talk about Tarot and Finance.

Since the Tarot Thrones blog is all about the Court Cards of the Tarot, I have opted to seek advice from the family that knows most about money, the Pentacles.

After a short confab, the Pentacles family from The Morgan Greer Tarot have come up with these little nuggets of advice ...

Words in bold are associated with their rank :)

Page of Pentacles

Look at your money in a new way

saving - even small amounts

about money (without your eyes glazing over) Financial literacy is too important to leave to other people to handle for you.

a financial diary!

The Knight of Pentacles

Financial risk-taking should err on the side of caution

Explore your financial options

What can you do re your telecoms, can you make savings?  (prompted by all that Airy communication energy!)

The Queen of Pentacles

Nurture your money - check your interest rates and change where possible.

Get on top of your household budget

Be a good guardian for your money - be alert to identity theft. You may not be actually out of pocket, but your credit rating can be adversely affected if someone gets access to your identity.

Teach other people what you have learned about making your cash grow - your other half? Your kids? 

The Queens have watery energy - Might you may be better off on a water meter rather than pay via rates?  Before you change, check to see whether you are permitted to change back if it turns out to be more spendy.

The King of Pentacles

He didn't get to where he is today by being frivolous, no matter that those grapes make you think! 

Pay off old debt - whenever you have cash materialising put it towards reducing your existing debts - mortgage, credit card, store cards etc.

Get an expert advisor/adviser 
('Parently -er is five times more commonly used than -or)  I'm hedging my bets - very Pentacly :)
The Kings display Fire energy, so here,  The King asks you to take command of your fuel bills - can you change your supplier? We did it this month and are going to halve our monthly energy spend.

The Fire energy also suggests that maybe you could quit smoking to save some cash AND care for that other, most vital of possessions - your health!

And just before you go ..... M'new book :-D  Yes! It's by ME!!!!

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also for sale in other Amazon outlets :-D 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A Year In The Wildwood | E-book

On Saturday my new (well, let's be honest - my ONLY) e-book will be published on Amazon.

If you are familiar with the Wildwood Tarot's facebook page, you will know that for the past couple of years, I've been an Admin there and exploring each of the cards as they arise on The Wheel of The Year

A few people asked me where they could buy all the entries, and so I have now obliged by gathering them together into this little e-book.

Cover image: The Pole Star
permission kindly given by Will Worthington
The book is currently available to pre-order and I hope that if you enjoy working with The Wildwood, you will consider adding it to your library.

Version: text only

Monday, 14 March 2016

Comparative Tarot | Page of Wands

We began this Comparative Tarot session with a look at the Page of Swords, over three decks.  Today we look at the Page of Wands, trying to find common ground and extend our perceptions as to what he might mean in the decks that we use ourselves.

On the left we have the RWS Page of Wands, then the Fante Di Bastone from the Tarot of The Master (ToTM), the Knave of Batons from Dame Fortune's Tarot Wheel and finally the Page of Staffs from The Byzantine Tarot.

In the RWS we have a cloaked-up young man standing in an arid landscape.  He must be roasting hot in his hat and cloak! He gazes intently at his sprouting Wand.  Pyramids line the horizon to the right of the card.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Exhibition | The World In Play

The King of Falcons
Stuttgart playing cards
The World In Play 1430 - 1540 is an exhibition of playing cards at The Met in New York, ending 17 April 2016.

Sadly, my pockets are empty *shows the threadbare linings* and I cannot attend.  But in an ideal world, I'd pop over for the weekend and take in a show on the Saturday night before settling down to a late night supper with some friends .... :-D

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Women's Day | Advice from The Queens

Welcome to Women's Day!

What would these experienced women tell advise their younger selves?

CREATE your life from the stirrings of your heart.

Don't live your life trying to make other people happy...

NOURISH your mind, body and spirit.

Don't shut yourself off from nature - neither the great green world out there, nor your own ...


Don't sit on the sidelines watching life pass you by...

BELIEVE in yourself!

Don't let other people's gossip and misconceptions - about you or other people - bring you down!


What do the Queens have as advice for YOUR younger self?

Monday, 7 March 2016

Comparative Tarot | Page of Swords

I'm running a workshop for the Glasgow Tarot Meetup Group at the beginning of April on using the comparative method of working with the Tarot.  I first heard about this method from Valerie Sim and the Comparative Tarot deck that she created specially for it.

I though that it would prove an interesting exercise to do with the court cards, here on m'blog.

From the left we have the Valet d'Epee from the Camoin/Jodorowsky Marseille deck, then the Page of Swords from the Rider Waite Smith in the centre and the Valet De Spe from the Ancient Tarot of Bologna on the right.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Tarot Queens | Mothers' Day

Last year's Mother's Day Tokens
Still unspent!

Originally Mothers' Day was when people returned to their Mother Church.  These days, Mothers' Day has become a Hallmark schmaltz-fest directed at Mothers everywhere.  In the UK we have Mothering Sunday on the 6th.

Yes, we know that it's all a big commercial CON, but woe betide the child who fails to proffer up SOMETHING.

Sonshine is very partial to buying me mugs.  And the odd musical teddy-bear.  I am hopeful this year of a scented candle :)

The tarot's Queens are nurturers, guardians and teachers, but how do they mother!?

Thursday, 3 March 2016

World Book Day | 2016

In honour of World Book Day, here are some excellent tarot books that you might like to explore:

Note: The late Yoav Ben Dov's book and the Alexander Jodorowsky are for Marseille work :)

Hopefully you will see a carousel with books on it, right?!

And my own li'l offering called A Year in The Wildwood is available for all Wildwood Tarot fans :)

As is Tarot Kaizen - 100+ exercises to help turn a beautiful deck that you treated yourself to aaaages ago into a hard-working deck that you can use for readings or working for yourself.

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