Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Meet The King and Queen of Cups

Reverting once more to the glorious Court Cards of the Druidcraft Tarot, I'm introducing you to Mr and Mrs Cups.

The Queen of Cups stands on the shore of some tranquil waters, her bare toes dipping into the glassy cool depths.  Unlike the other Queens of the Druidcraft, she is standing, her throne can be seen some steps away with a serpent lying close at hand.

Her hair is covered by an elaborately embroidered hood and she stands, eyes closed (or downcast?) as she holds her golden cup before her, as if she is working a ritual.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hello again King of Coins!

The moon has just hidden her light again and that's the signal for me to pull another card for myself for the incoming energies from now until the full moon.

And this particular slice of  divine Tarot gorgeousness comes, once again, from Kat Black's Touchstone Tarot (see earlier cards here and here.  It's the King of Coins. Again.

This guy has been popping in and out of my life recently like a fiddler's elbow!

This King regards us with a steady gaze as he sits at table - his plate of oysters and glass of wine await his attentions.  But look at the toppled pitcher, you wouldn't expect THAT at the King's table.

I wonder....what dining shenanigans we have just interrupted?!

Kat says that this is a man who is enjoying the success that his affluence has brought. He's no penny-pinching miser of a king - he's a man who enjoys his luxuries in life.  Unlike our current crop of bankers, this is a rich man who is TRUSTWORTHY.  Prone to giving to worthy causes, he's kind and approachable.

The images that swirl together to make this composite King of Coins include Hans Holbein The Younger (for both face and body - from two different portraits).  And, most pleasingly to me, the feather in his hat is by Cecco de Caravaggio.

I've just read Caravaggio by Andrew Graham-Dixon and Cecco was the dimple-faced youth who featured in many of Caravaggio's paintings, including my absolute favourite 'Amor Vincit Omnia'.  They may or may not have been lovers - but I like to think that somewhere, just out of sight - perhaps right behind the artist - are a couple of the King's companions - happily squiffy and up to goodness knows WHAT - maybe sticking a couple of irreverent fingers up as rabbit ears behind the viewer's head?  In fact, IS that King looking right at us or is he looking at someone just off to the viewer's left?

If only those companions had remembered to set the pitcher upright, we would have been none the wiser.

This King indicates that it's ok for me to enjoy myself a little.  Cut myself some slack and splash out on a few things that give me pleasure.  Maybe go out for dinner with some friends and not limit myself to a couple of polite glasses of vino....rewind to the good old pre-baby days!

And maybe it's time to bin-off the £9.99 skinny-leg jeans from The Factory Shop and splash out on something that isn't worn through on the behind.  Although I blame this blog for wearing through the seat of my jeans.  And possibly facebook :-D

What does the King of Pentacles bring to YOUR life?

Monday, 16 July 2012

OOTK | Part II | Hunt the (scary!) Lady!

Kali: Do not go home to her
with a burst pay-packet
So, following on from the earlier post about the initial stage of the OOTK spread, we move on to the second procedure but remember, you need never move further through the spread than this section, if that's what you're comfortable with.

Here I've used the Haindl Tarot, for the question:  So, what do I do next with my Tarot aspirations?

For my significator card, I chose the Queen of Wands (because she is generally the character to whom I aspire!) and in the Haindl, she is the somewhat bum-clenchingly scary Kali. <- I usually pick the Queen of Wands for more, erm, WHOLESOME reasons :-)

Given that my question involves 'work' I would be expecting it on either the Fire pile or perhaps the Earth pile.... and lo! there she was right at the top of the Earth pile.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Exercise | Tarot and Oracle Amplifier

Trying a new meme for you here!  If I supply a question and a couple of cards, would you be prepared to have a bash at answering the question?

I'm hoping that you're nodding and not gently banging your head off the keyboard :-)

Here's the first hypothetical question:  I have a difficult relationship with my step-son, what can I do to improve things between us?

We've got the Page of Swords from Cilla Conway's Intuitive Tarot and the Inspiration card from the Dreaming In Colour Oracle by Mindy Sommers.

Here's an earlier post that I wrote about using an Oracle deck as a way to amplify specific features of your Court Card.

What would you say to a sitter, with this question, with these two cards?

Don't spend more than a couple of minutes on it - it's just a bit of fun!

Come up with an interpretation? Share it in the Comments section!

Hoping Friday the 13th isn't too rough for you!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

OOTK | First Operation | Golden Dawn


I know.

It sounds like something an orangutang might say if it happened to be the librarian at a University for Wizards* but in this case it stands for Opening Of The Key.  And it's a Tarot spread.

The whole OOTK shebang involves four stages, but today,  we are going to look at only the first part of the first stage, or First Operation.

I could write pages on the background to this spread, rattling on about the great occult meanings imbued within it - the Princesses!  The Aces!

But I like to keep things simple, so I'm providing only a tiny bit of background for you - but be aware there is more to know :-)

OOTK was designed by the Great and The Good of the Golden Dawn, it is an impressive set of four manoeuvres that perfectly suits that highly intellectualised GD approach to the Tarot.

Today we're just looking at the First Operation. Actually, just the first part of the First Operation.

This can be used perfectly well as a stand-alone spread and one need never venture into the thigh-high swirling waters of the other three operations if you don't want to.

Anyway, let's crack on!

Using whichever manner you are comfortable with, select a significator for your client. Or let them select one.

Allow the querent to shuffle the cards and formulate their question.

All you are going to ask them to do is split the deck into four.

First of all you ask them to half the deck - placing one half on the right of the area to which you will use for the spread and the other half towards the left.

The red arrow shows the position of your two initial stacks

Then half each portion again, again laying half immediately to the left of the portion from which it was cleaved.

The blue arrows show the positions of the second stacks.

The cards on the extreme right (the stack to which I am pointing) represent the Fire energies , then Water, then Air and the final stack on the extreme left represent the Earth.

Now, you might be lucky and have all four piles roughly the same height.  More than likely you will have one pile substantially larger or smaller than the others.

You might be able to hazard some thoughts about what the largest/smallest pile might mean?  You can include these musings in your reading, if you like.

Turn each stack over and read according to the stack that it is in.

To illustrate:  the 6 of Cups  in the Fire stack.  The Water of the Cups weakens the Fire of the stack.  This might indicate that one's natural fiery energies (optimism, expansion, career) are being adversely affected by the watery Cups energy of the 6.  Perhaps the sitter is brooding on something from the past that is holding back their natural enthusiasm for a situation?

Do the same for each of the four stacks and it will give you an overview of what the rest of the reading is about; paving the way for the subsequent Operations.  However, you can actually just stop there if you like!

But since WE are concerned with the Court Cards and their role, here as significator, we're going to plough on a tiny bit further........

Search through every pile - without disturbing the order of the cards - until you find the stack that the significator is in.

At this point, the Golden Dawn advocate the following:

If the Significator is NOT found in the correct stack then the reading is abandoned.  What they mean by 'correct stack' is that if the question is to do with the emotional problems of a relationship, you would hope to find the Significator in the second stack, the Water pile.  If it was to do with one's health, one might expect to find it in the Earth pile......and so on,  but I don't ascribe to that *shrug*.

I'm in the Carry On Regardless Team :-D

The reason for this is that it is not always clear to the sitter (and consequently to the reader) what the querent's issue is REALLY about.  For example - maybe the sitter thinks that it is a problem about sex (for me, that would be the fire stack) but the issue may actually be entirely emotional, or health-related (ie either the Water or the Earth stacks).  So I'm all for continuing with the reading!

So, you've found the stack with the Significator.  Let's assume that you are going ahead with the reading - what next?

...........tune in next time to find out :-D

*If you don't read any novels by Terry Pratchett, then this reference is completely meaningless.  I apologise.  But urge you to read them.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Farewell Queen of Discs!

I usually draw these cards based on the Dark Moon (incoming energies) and the Full Moon (outgoing energies) in the evening, once my son has gone to bed.

But our term time routine is now upset and it will take us a week or so to create a Summer Holiday routine.  As such I'm blogging on an ad hoc basis (basically whenever I can get in front of a computer without a small boy hanging over my shoulder!).

As you can see, the outgoing influences over the next couple of weeks until the Dark Moon is the regal Queen of Discs from the Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway.

The motif that winds its way through the entire deck is the oval frame for each character, giving the appearance of looking at each figure through a lens.

She is depicted, slightly aloof looking, in front of her home - comfortable rather than stately.  She is dressed in shades of green and gold (appropriate!) and holds a great shield of organic design in similar colours.  Loving that head-dress - very art deco!

The suit of Discs or Pentacles is associated with Health, Wealth and Home and the Queen is the emotional heart of that set up.  So I'm a bit glum to see her energies retreating, for a little while at least.

What could it mean?

Will my son and I end up eating packets of biscuits for our evening meal?

Will the house tumble into chaos while my other half works away out of the country (probably, it usually does - I'm a bit feral when it comes to house-keeping to be honest).

Will my money be frittered away on books, bling and booze?!

Will my clicking ankles continue to plague me, even if I stop jogging?

So many questions!

In Cilla's deck, this Queen stands for the organised home-maker and astute business woman, but she may also bolster her fragility with material goodies - Ugg boots perhaps?  Cilla says, in the accompanying book: "A natural beautifier, she loves comfort and her home.   Often very beautiful *coughs* she is ambitious, confident and energetic.  She is highly skilled in practical situations, especially to do with home or business. She makes things happen.'

She can also be, however, grasping, overly-ambitious, egotistical and wrapped up in her possessions.  Hmm - maybe the death of my Ugg boots are a sign*, right enough!

How does the Queen of Discs manifest in your life right now?

Queen of Discs image from Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway, published by St Martin's Press

Cilla also has a wonderful Oracle deck called Devas of Creation - check it out if you like working with abstract decks.

*They're not really dead.  But they sure don't look as good as they did before they got soaked :-(

Monday, 2 July 2012

Significator Card | Dame Fortune's Wheel Tarot

I'm always on the look-out for something interesting for you and this morning I discovered this: Dame Fortune's Wheel Tarot by Paul Huson (published by Lo Scarabeo) actually has a Significator card!

Of course, you may still select a Significator using whichever method you prefer, but what a time- and sanity-saver this card will be!

The deck itself takes the medieval wood-cut style of the Marseilles but expands the colour-scheme and adds a semi-illustrated Minor Arcana to the mix (the pips are presented within a meaningful scene).  The suits themselves are Batons, Cups, Swords and Coins with each suit rendered in a particular palette and bordered in the same colour - making suit identification possible from the merest sliver of card.

Anyone familiar with the Rider Waite Smith deck would be able to use this deck very easily, I think.

In the Major Arcana, the card names are traditional - a Juggler and a Female Pope replace the Magician and the Hgh Priestess.  I also see that Strength transforms back into Fortitude and occupies the 11th Arcana place, while Justice slips into her traditional 8th position.

I notice that Major Arcana card (Death XIII) is numbered but not titled!

The Courts are sufficiently interesting that they warrant a little blog post of their own.  

I was amazed to see that the deck had its own Significator - do you know any other decks that have this feature? Do tell!

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